Have you seen these birds?

A collection of lino-cut prints of tarāpuka, the black-billed gull. Printed on different colored papers and assembled like an Andy Warhol inspired poster, the work has a handmade driftwood frame to give the birds a home amongst the river debris.

Have you seen this bird, original lino printing block

The tarāpuka (black-billed gull) that featured in the photograph, Have you seen this bird? is repeated here in linocut prints. A reflected silhouette of the photograph was transferred to an offcut of lino and then carved. The resulting linocut was then printed with blue and white inks on a range of colored papers. Finally the resulting images were pasted to a board as if they had been put up on a billboard on the street to advertise an upcoming event. The handmade driftwood frame completes the work and gives the birds a home.

Lino cut for Have You Seen These Birds? and Have You Seen This Bird Too?

This work is being exhibited in the Ashburton Society of Arts 60th Annual Exhibition at the Ashburton Art Gallery from 1-26 July 2024.

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