If you happen to be the kind of person who likes things all organized and neat and tidy, then here you will find collections of Theo’s work all organized and neat and tidy(ish):

Prospective – Procrastination/Potential

Theo is building his Prospective collection of works (in progress) on the theme of procrastination and potential. Read all the Thoughts about Prospective.

Hart Istory

This collection explores famous or historical works and begs, borrows and steals from them. Read all the Thoughts about the Hart Istory collection

The Land of Confusion

A series of geographic art works highlighting the places around the world with the same names. Read all the Thoughts about The Land of Confusion collection.


{x ⊆ {Theo’s art} | x ∈ {Art | category = Math} }. Read all Theo’s Thoughts about Math(s)


A series of Valentine’s Day images of a poem asking that flowers other than red roses are given a chance.

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