Sofa Safari

Exploring Furniture in the Wild

Over the last 18 months, as I walk around the neighborhood, I often see the furniture that has been abandoned or has escaped domestic confines and is now residing on the streets or in the fields.

Couch family
Couch family, digital photograph

In fact, all over Turkey, I see wild furniture. I’m searching for the most elusive varieties of furniture – the avian and the aquatic. Maybe one day I will be lucky enough to see some furniture flying or swimming or even just resting beside a waterway or in a tree or on a rooftop.

Join me on a Sofa Safari

Sofa Safari Poster, digital image
Sofa Safari Poster, digital image

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Street couch
Explore my series of photos of Wild Furniture sightings on Flickr

Locked in Love

I took this photo at the Citadella in Budapest last week. It has beautiful views of the Danube and the city.

Like on the bridges in Paris, Budapest and other romantic cities, lovers have their names written on a lock, fasten the lock to the structure and throw away the key to symbolize their everlasting love for each other.

Notice how many of these locks are hanging off another. Why would you lock yourselves to another couple’s relationship?

Locked in Love
Locked in Love, digital photograph

Nearby was a lock engraved with Joanne and David. Close to that was another lock with a later date engraved with David and someone else. For Joanne’s sake, I hope it is not the same David.

Are your relationships locked onto something solid?


Waiting for creation

I occasionally try to imagine what it would have been like before everything. Prior to creation, there was no time, no space, no matter. No light. No dark. No past. But all of the future. It is hard to get my head around it. Even harder to express in a work of art.

What was it like waiting for the first sunrise?

I have black wooden desk where I spend most of my time.

It provides a lot of reflection.

It is waiting for creation.

Desk reflections - waiting for creation
Desk reflections – waiting for creation, digital photograph.