The world is falling apart

Just over a year ago, I created Non-flat earth (unpainted), a sculpture of a model of the earth that combined facts and legends of how the earth is supported.

The world is falling apart, photograph of a sculpture previously known as Non-flat earth (unpainted).

The foundations are crumbling and decaying which is kind of appropriate with the laws of thermodynamics and the current global pandemic.

However, there is hope.

‘They will rebuild the ancient ruins and restore the places long devastated; they will renew the ruined cities that have been devastated for generations. ‘

Isaiah 61:4

‘Then I saw “a new heaven and a new earth,” for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and there was no longer any sea. ‘

Revelation 21:1

I could repair the sculpture. Or leave it to decay further. Or build a new one.

As the (unpainted) title of the original sculpture suggests the work is not finished. It was a prototype for further work and could have been painted to fit more with the ancient legends. My procrastination has given this sculpture an opportunity to express itself its own way.

Post about the creation of the original sculpture:

Sofa Safari

Exploring Furniture in the Wild

Over the last 18 months, as I walk around the neighborhood, I often see the furniture that has been abandoned or has escaped domestic confines and is now residing on the streets or in the fields.

Couch family
Couch family, digital photograph

In fact, all over Turkey, I see wild furniture. I’m searching for the most elusive varieties of furniture – the avian and the aquatic. Maybe one day I will be lucky enough to see some furniture flying or swimming or even just resting beside a waterway or in a tree or on a rooftop.

Join me on a Sofa Safari

Sofa Safari Poster, digital image
Sofa Safari Poster, digital image

View the whole series on Flickr

Street couch
Explore my series of photos of Wild Furniture sightings on Flickr

Non-flat earth (unpainted)

There are some conspiracy theories floating around suggesting that the Earth is flat. I have traveled around the world and observed that it is in fact round. Well, roundish.

Hindu mythology has the earth supported by elephants or a tortoise/turtle or both or a snake. North America has a legend of a ‘Great Turtle’, which upholds the Earth.

Combining the facts with the legends, I have created this model of the Earth.

Front, non-flat earth (unpainted)
Front, non-flat earth (unpainted), mixed media
Back, non-flat earth (unpainted)
Back, non-flat earth (unpainted), mixed media
Face, non-flat earth (unpainted)
Face, non-flat earth (unpainted), mixed media
Back detail, non-flat earth (unpainted)
Back detail, non-flat earth (unpainted), mixed media

The book of Job in the Bible says the Earth is suspended over nothing.

He spreads out the northern skies over empty space;
    he suspends the earth over nothing.

Job 26:7. NIV

While this lines up with the science, getting my globe to suspend itself over nothing is rather challenging.

I’m currently reading a book called The World is Flat. [affiliate link]

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Flight to Egypt

I looked out the window and there were three types of light sources of increasing power. On the ground below were man-made city lights. On the horizon were flashes of lightning from a tropical storm. And above a myriad of stars.

Flight to Egypt #1
Flight to Egypt #1, White and Silver Pens
Flight to Egypt #2
Flight to Egypt #2, Oil Pastel
Flight to Egypt #3
Flight to Egypt #3, Colored pencils
Flight to Egypt #4
Flight to Egypt #4, Fineliner Pen
Flight to Egypt #5
Flight to Egypt #5, Gouache
Flight to Egypt #6
Flight to Egypt #6, Torn and Etched Aluminum Foil
Flight to Egypt #7
Flight to Egypt #7, Florescent Sharpie
Flight to Egypt #8
Flight to Egypt #8, Emirates Colour Pencil
Flight to Egypt #9
Flight to Egypt #9, Pointillism, White Pen
Flight to Egypt #10
Flight to Egypt #10, Graphite (4B) Pencil
Flight to Egypt #11
Flight to Egypt #11, Spray Paint
Flight to Egypt #12
Flight to Egypt #12, Spray Paint Stencil Print
Flight to Egypt #13
Flight to Egypt #13, Cut Paper Inverse (Stencil)
Flight to Egypt #14
Flight to Egypt #14, Cut Paper
Flight to Egypt #15
Flight to Egypt #15, Glitter
Flight to Egypt #16
Flight to Egypt #16, Torn Masking Tape
Flight to Egypt #17
Flight to Egypt #17, Acrylic Paint
Flight to Egypt #18
Flight to Egypt #18, Wax Crayon
Flight to Egypt #19
Flight to Egypt #19, Horizontal Lines, Yellow Colored Pencil
Flight to Egypt #20
Flight to Egypt #20, IKEA Pencil
Flight to Egypt #21
Flight to Egypt #21, White Colored Pencil

Country Thief


What would happen if certain countries did not exist?

One of the items in Theo’s procrastination list (since 2014) is an geographical education computer game called Country Thief. 

As someone who comes from a country (New Zealand) that is often left off global maps, I decided to create a game where countries are disappearing from the map for various reasons (evil dictators, nuclear war, economic collapse, alien invasion, meteors of unusual size and shape, global warming). Players race against decreasing time limits to find the missing country and identify it. Can you beat the clock and save your country from disappearing?

Given recent current events and environmental concerns, I am releasing this concept design image for people to share on social media and make their own comments.

There Once Was Sky (Under Construction)

Over the last few years the landscape around our neighborhood has changed as more and more of the older buildings are replaced with luxury apartment blocks.

A neighbor behind us had a two storey house where they kept chickens on their rooftop under a grapevine.

There was sky
There was sky. Photograph.

In 2014 they and others in the street sold to developers and their houses were demolished to make way for new construction.
Concrete foundations for the new building were poured and then demolished again. Rising five floors above the second foundation the new apartment construction took about two years.

Under construction
New neighboring apartment building under construction, photograph

The new monstrosity now blocks our view of the city, hills, afternoon sun and sky.

This painting series aims to capture that there once was sky.

There once was sky, under construction.
There once was sky (under construction). Gouache on canvas board, 30x40cm.

North & South

The Land of Confusion - North and South
The Land of Confusion – North and South, digital image

Another in The Land of Confusion series, North & South highlights places in the world with North or South in their names.

Fifteen Hastings

Continuing the Land of Confusion collection, here is Fifteen Hastings, dedicated to my sister and her family who currently live in one of the Hastings.

The Land of Confusion - 15 Hastings
The Land of Confusion – 15 Hastings, digital image

Thirty Seven Woodvilles

The Land of Confusion - 37 Woodvilles
The Land of Confusion – 37 Woodvilles, digital image

I grew up in the town of Woodville, in New Zealand where my ancestors were some of the first settlers. They had emigrated from County Tipperary in Ireland where there is also a Woodville.

My Woodville is a junction town, and there are many road signs around the North Island of New Zealand pointing to it. My father would often say that all roads lead to Woodville. With at least thirty seven places named Woodville globally he has a good chance of being correct.