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Why did I choose the name Theo Heartist?

Theo is the short form of THEODORE, THEOBALD, and other names that begin with Theo.

Theodore comes from the Greek name Θεοδωρος (Theodoros), which meant “gift of god” from Greek θεος (theos) “god” and δωρον (doron)“gift”.

Theobald is derived from the Germanic elements theud “people” and bald “bold”.

Heartist is a made up word. The suffix -ist has several meanings:

  1. a person with a particular creative or academic role; eg. guitarist, one who plays guitar
  2. one who proscribes to a particular theological doctrine or religious denomination; eg. deist
  3. one who owns or manages something; eg. industrialist
  4. one who has a certain political tendency; eg. environmentalist
  5. a person who holds bigoted, partial views. eg. heightist

Hopefully only the first three meanings apply to Theo.

The prefix heart also has many meanings. In Theo’s case heart is courage, kindness and love, the center, the core, the essence, and the source or seat of emotions.

Therefore the name Theo Heartist can mean:

  • a bold courageous person (Theo is bolder than me)
  • a gift of God (Theo is the genius)
  • one who interacts with the heart of God
  • a communicator of his own and God’s emotions