Psst wanna buy a poster of some posters

As I predicted almost three months ago, a scammy website that is “selling” pirated posters of my work would have a recursive poster of my pirated posters for sale on their site.

Psst wanna buy a poster #3
Psst wanna buy a poster #3, a screenshot of stolen art, digital image

Now, the 11th item on the scammer’s list of Theo Heartist posters is “Psst wanna buy a #1 | Theo Heartist”. In future, I expect the above screenshot to appear as another recursive poster of posters for sale.   

The scammers capture images from websites and their goal is to phish photographers and artists when they try to take down their copyrighted images. They still have the same number of “happy buyers”, but look how nice this poster of posters of my art will look above your orange sofa.

Psst wanna buy a poster #4
Psst wanna buy a poster #4, a screenshot of stolen art, digital image

Please don’t buy from these scammers. I won’t reveal the name or address of the scam website because I doubt that they would actually send you a real poster.

Buy a genuine Theo Heartist print

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